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WatsuIbiza is a group of dedicated therapists of several water modalities including Watsu®, Waterdance®, "Cranio Sacral therapy in Water" and Pregnancy support.

We use water techniques including Watsu and Waterdance to float and support your personal experience in the water for total relaxation of the body and mind, above and if you desire, below the surface of the water.

We welcome all age groups, movement lovers, pregnant parents and those who have not yet made peace with the water (you do not need to be able to swim). Your time with us is 90 minutes including preparation, time in the water and relaxation after.

Offering one-on-one or couple sessions, we create a space for you to relax the body and quiet the mind in our chlorine free, oxygenated pool, heated to body temperature.

In combination with a peaceful natural environment and our full attention to your well being, WatsuIbiza offers high quality treatments and therapies in our private, sheltered location.

Opening hours - 10am to 10pm daily, April till November.

Booking - please visit our Contact page or watsu ibiza facebook Facebook page to book and for more information.


Q:- What are the benefits of being floated in water at body temperature?
A:- Each session is a unique experience, tailor-made for you. Being weightless and to melt into the expanse of water however, is just the beginning of your journey. Please feel free to read the many testimonials, or let it be a surprise.

Q:- Will the pool water turn my hair green?
A:- No, this can happen where pools use copper to get rid of green algae. Our pool is copper and chlorine-free, we use a UV light and bubbling oxygen

Q:- What should I wear in the pool and do I need to bring a towel?
A:- We supply towels and will ask you to have a hot shower before entering the pool. You may wear what you feel comfortable in, the choice is yours, you do not need a swim hat.

Q:- Do I need earplugs, I have sensitive ears?
A:- Only if you usually wear them for swimming, please bring your own.

Q:- Will you take me underwater?
A:- This is a popular option but each session is tailor-made to each client.

Q:- I received a session in the sea and got cold, will this happen in the pool?
A:- The pool is kept at 35 degrees Celcius, so you will be warm and relaxed.

Q:- What is the best time of day to receive a session and how long will it take.
A:- You will be with us about 2 hours; an hour or so in the water. We are open from 10am to 10pm.

Q:- My period has just started, should I cancel?
A:- If you wear internal protection this should be fine.

Q:- I am 3 months pregnant, is it ok for me to have a session?
A:- Yes, and it is particularly beneficial during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Q:- I am in my 80s and a little overweight, I suffer from back and joint pain, is it OK for me to come?
A:- We welcome all ages, physical and emotional conditions, however for the safety of our therapists and others sharing the water, you will not be able to enter the pool with open wounds, or infectious diseases.

Q:- I have young children, can I bring them along?
A:- We have no creche facilities, and sessions are all about you! Phones off and no distractions, although sometimes children do come and quietly occupy themselves, understanding this is your time.

Q:- I have a longterm fear of water. Can you help me get over it?
A:- Although we do not offer any guarantee, many people find this a safe, gentle way to make peace with and enjoy the water. Our job is to look after you through your own experience.

Q:- Will I get the pool to myself?
A:- We cater for up to two sessions at the same time. We offer couple sessions and two friends often share the space together, however we do recommend having the pool to yourself for your first water session. This can deepen your experience.


We welcome you to discover the ultimate relaxation and Bliss of being Floated in warm water.

In movement or in stillness, above or if you desire, below the surface of the water, our dedicated group of water therapists will take you on a unique journey.

Watsu® and Waterdance® are the gentle forms of aquatic bodywork we offer. Our intuitive approach combines elements of 'Cranio Sacral Therapy in Water', massage, stretching and fluid movement, to free your body and mind in ways impossible on land.

The benefits of aquatic bodywork are countless, from joyful experience to the relief of physical, emotional and mental tensions. Each session is a unique experience.

In the heart of island surrounded by nature, our pool, protected by a geodesic dome, is chlorine free and heated to body temperature. We have an underwater sound system and mood lighting for night time sessions.

We welcome all age groups, movement lovers, pregnant parents and those who have not made peace yet with the water ( you do not need to be able to swim). Your time with us is 90 minutes including preparation, time in the water and relaxation after.

WE OFFER ~ One on one, couple and pregnancy bonding sessions, as well as small workshops.

TREAT YOUR FRIENDS ~ Gift Vouchers are available.

Come, "Float into Bliss"


Roger White

Founder of WatsuGoa, in Goa India, Practitioner of Watsu® and WaterDance®. Roger offers private sessions and couple sessions with his wife Noam.

Trained as a Doula (support for pregnancy and post labour), Roger gives pregnancy sessions in water and pregnancy bonding for mother, partner and baby.

His years of practice as an Ayurvedic masseur as well as his natural compassionate nature, facilitate trust and quality of touch in water.

Noam Feinberg

Dedicated and experienced therapist from the Dolphin Reef in Israel, a water centre which basis work is on intuitive sessions. Noam’s water path started as an infant and her passion for water led her to evolve from being a professional swimmer, a swimming instructor, a life guard and a Waterpolo player to a fully dedicated Watertherapist.

Noam integrates her knowledge of Theta technique to her water sessions, to allow potential healing.

Trained as a Doula (support for pregnancy and post labour), Noam gives pregnancy sessions in water and pregnancy bonding for mother, partner and baby.

Sophie Costes

Practitioner of WaterDance® and Watsu®, trained as a yogini and dancer, Sophie experiments various forms of therapeutic modalities from land (Ayurveda, ARUN, Yoga, Meditation) to water (CranioSacral Therapy in Water , Waterness Journey Contact Dance).

Without creating unnecessary boundaries between techniques, her natural conscious touch and intuition are reliable supports to dive deep into a water journey.

The experience of wholeness facilitates profound changes.


Yanina’s love for water started years ago as a diving instructor followed by 2 years working with Dolphins.

Sensitive water therapist, giving session at the Dolphin Reef, in Israel for the last 5 years, Yanina combines different techniques, using Reiki healing and intuition.

Como el Agua - Becoming One with the Water

Ashley Aitken

Ashley's love, understanding and respect for the human body has been nurtured by years of competitive and open water swimming, studies in sports sciences, and experience with massage and yoga. She values the importance of encouraging fluidity in the body to maintain optimal health. With a calm, compassionate nature Ashley enjoys creating space for her clients to become one with the water.


WatsuIbiza is located in the heart of the island, near by Bambuddha Grove on the San Juan / Portinatx road. For booking and information call English-speaking: +34 642 925 726, Spanish-speaking +34 722 110 016 or French-speaking: +34 697 914 007

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I recently received a Watsu Treatment from Roger.... I am deeply moved, literally, my body, my soul....I was feeling like a seaweed floating through space, in a most safe and loving environment! I never felt to body-less, so cared for, so reborn! This was the most enjoyable healing season so far in my life and I am so grateful to had this experience!
Thank you from my heart Roger
I will be back!
A must, in once lifetime

Jutta Simmons

Just experienced my first ever Watsu session with Roger White, here in Ibiza. While I acknowledge that it will be different for everyone, my experience was so incredible that I had to have a go at describing it.

I felt beyond time, mind and matter, in a place without the disruption of thought and with little sense of where my body 'ended' and the water began. This invited a sense of moving beyond this three-dimensional reality and brought a feeling of being somehow 'beyond the body'.

The non-chlorinated, oxygenated water in which I was held and gently moved through, invited me to slip in-between worlds, to a bliss state which I recognised as not only being being pre-birth, but also in my belief, post death.

Being at times without breath under water and trusting that feeling was profound. The peace there was recognisable and incredibly nourishing. A reminder from before birth and an affirmation of the wonder which lies ahead on our return to this state. Pure connection to everything.

The session took me to some primal, deep pain too, which seemed to express itself easily and move through me without any exertion or left-over discomfort. It came through and then released swiftly, without any exertion on my part.

And then at times the joy which coursed through me was almost beyond description. Delightful, watery light-filled wonder and sublime peace.

It was an experience which seemed to contain every sense, but without emotion or thought attached. Wow. I now feel hugely re-charged, so deeply relaxed and totally nourished. My heartfelt thanks to my wonderful friends here on this beautiful island for whisking me off and healing me up, bringing me back to fluidity and nurturing me so well.

It's beyond 'highly recommended', everyone should experience this! ♥

Kate Woods

I have just had the most amazing WATSU water relaxation session. Have never experienced anything like it. Totally unique and fully relaxing. Anyone in ibiza or coming this summer to ibiza should definitely give it a go!! Thanks Noam for your magic. Thanks Steve Altman and Sara Parkinson for the gift of enjoying!! "Feeling amazing"!!!

Elliot Rose

I was lucky enough to receive a Watsu treatment as a Mother's Day Prezzie.. amazing . The delightfully relaxing ambience, perfectly heated water and personal attention of your own therapist was a guarantee of a magical experience. In spite being virtually water phobic I immediately felt entirely safe in the highly skilled hands of Naom. She was immediately perfectly attuned to my fears and I was able to totally enjoy the whole experience. I cannot wait till I am next in Ibiza. Thank you Roger and Naom!

Sue PS